Rewind: 25 Years

It seems it was only yesterday when our mix-tape dreams were caught up in a landslide of hyperspeed evolving tech. Then the 90’s flashed goodbye. However, the nostalgia of grunge style has made a huge comeback in pop culture. We called it! Your kids may finally believe you were once cool. Hopefully you kept your docs.


Produced by:  Gainesville Fashion Week - Season 6

Published by: Home Magazine - Feb/March 2018 Issue

Creative Direction: Albey Coronel

Styling: Yaya Ni & Albey Coronel

Photography: Albey Coronel / Jennifer Tallerico / Kaitlyn Kessler / Esteban Arturo / David Parra 

Spread Design: Michael Ennis

Copy: Albey Coronel

Hair: Avant Garde Salon / Nicole Collazo / Georgina Lucia

Makeup: Niko Pifferetti

Models: Sarah Parmenter / Christian Gonzalez

Albert Coronel