It’s over. So, what? Everyone deserves the opportunity to experiment with a new self, whether it is the end of a chapter, a move or a breakup. A visible image renewal could be the physical manifestation of a new, positive beginning. Go ahead; update your wardrobe. Cut, color or shave your hair. Utilize bold hues as a statement, and leverage your new image as a form of grief therapy. Express emotions through style. But, most importantly: neon — never end on negativity.


Produced by:  #GFWX in collaboration with The MODE Artistic Team, Thomas Center Galleries, Rosa B Williams Center/352artspace and The National Institute Of Urban Art. 

Published by: Home Magazine - Dec/Jan 2018 Issue

Creative Direction: Albey Coronel / Lonie Carpenter

Photography: Tamara Dobry /  Royce Abela / Alexandra Bloch

Spread Design: Albey Coronel

Copy: Albey Coronel

Hair: Mode Salon - Lonie Carpenter / Emily Pinsky / Alex Lopez / Brittaney Saunders

Makeup: Emily Pinsky

Models: Marlana Armstrong, Lauren Malone, William Reinhold, Alexi, Nikki Walden



Albert Coronel