“Across the planes of consciousness we have to live with the paradox that opposite things can be simultaneously true” – Ram Dass

Dueling identities form our realities. the numerous essences that exist in each of us simultaneously provoke the fires we conjure and allay the fears that keep us awake at night. They yell at us to risk it all and whisper to us to refrain. One cannot exist without the other. Our Hades our Heavens, our gut-feelings our ambivalences. As supernova explosions create planets, we are products of the fantastic combustion of opposing forces within us. This perfect storm. This unequivocal paradox is termed duality


Produced by: Gainesville Fashion Week Season 10 / #GFWXPink Team

Published by:  Gainesville Fashion Week
Creative Direction: Albey Coronel

Lead Production & Coordination: Emily Romeu

Photography: Bobby Foxx

Copywriting: Lana Nasser

Spread Design: Angela Hutchings

Production: Anne Waiver, Alexandra Notrica, Krysta Lee, Scott Purcell, Victoria Trieu, Martha Pointer

Hair: Bryan Dean (ig: hairbybryandean) Makeup: Liz Meghan Model: Lauren Malone

Clothes and Accessories: Wolfgang Gainesville Jewelry: Bobby Foxx Designs

Additional Pink Team: Katherine Jones, Tabitha Basuseto, Qingyi He

Additional Pink Team Models: Jamie Lo, Brittany Bennet, Natalie McDougal, Shedlie Alcenat, Triston Jefferson, Theo Harris, Tico Baez.

Angela Hutchings