The New Minimal Movement

People across the globe are embracing the concept of minimalism. In design, it means distilling everything down to the core of what works, removing what's not being used and keeping the essentials, beautifully. This is the concept behind our design approach and our name. In fashion, minimalism is a direct response to fast-fashion and over consumption at the expense of quality, the environment, and garment industry working conditions. Reducing both what we own and consume may bring some style benefits: a wardrobe consisting of a few high-quality pieces that work for you and that you love. We collaborated with different designers to share our take on minimalism and how we incorporate it in our aesthetic, style, and wardrobe


Produced by: Gainesville Fashion Week
Published by: HOME Magazine
Art Direction & Photography: Albey Coronel
Design: Rick Bales
Production Assistants: Raye Rojas, TJ Zagurski, Ryan Phillips.
Models: Domingo Henry, Tico Baez, Lorné Rodriguez
Interior design products by neutral7

Rick Bales