HOME: Living in the Heart of Florida Magazine

Associate publisher Megan DeGance talks giving back and looking forward

by Michaela Bisienere
At the start of GFW’s seventh season, we chose to theme our events around the phrase “Inspiring Growth.” Throughout the months of planning and preparation that have led us to this week, that theme has woven its way into our story better than we could have imagined at its conception. It’s only fitting that one of our sponsors fits seamlessly with the theme that has been such a big part of GFW 2014.
Home Magazine has been an essential publication in the Alachua area since it began in 2007. Home serves to inspire and inform Gainesville with coverage of local events and lifestyle features, with an emphasis on family and community. Megan DeGance, associate publisher, said Home Magazine is proud to be able to offer exposure and support for small, local businesses and organizations trying to grow within the community.

“It’s important for us to support something like Gainesville Fashion Week,” DeGance said. “It combines creativity and art. There’s some talented people that want to showcase their talent and they want to do it here.”

Home Magazine conveys the culture of Gainesville, a distinct culture that is a result of a small college town with a population of diverse, ambitious talent and a knack for creativity and innovation. DeGance said emphasizing how much Gainesville has to offer is an important part of the narrative that Home Magazine has created for itself. Home Magazine began when owner Scott Costello wanted to start a building magazine but realized it wasn’t right for the market at the time. He then came up with Home, a publication that could highlight the best that his community had to offer.
“We try to find stories that show why people want to stay here in Gainesville,” DeGance said. “We want to find the why in their stories. We want to make sure that this town grows and that new opportunity grows with it.”
True to its mission (and to our theme!), Home Magazine has been an invaluable part of our own growth this season and we couldn’t be prouder to have Home as one of our sponsors for Gainesville Fashion Week 2014.

Rachel Smith