Gainesville Today: Chronicling the Community for 35 Years

The GFW 2014 Art Show is Made Possible by Gainesville Today

By Rachel Godfrey

Nestled within a hub teeming with innovation, eccentricity and endless passion, Gainesville Today has captivated the community for 35 years. Formerly focused on a mature subset, the magazine has evolved to reflect Gainesville’s vibrant energy.  
“Gainesville is sophisticated, intelligent, young and progressive,” said Jessi Miller, Gainesville Today’s Creative Director and Editor. “We want to speak to that sophistication, especially in a small town.”
Gainesville Today has been an indelible staple for decades as the oldest magazine in town. For the past two and a half years, the monthly production has made significant strides to revamp its image.
“Now we cater to Generation-X and young professionals, so we made it younger and hipper,” Miller said. “We changed the look and the content to fit that group.”
The Gainesville Today team structures its pages with the goal of having the reader go through each one in its entirety. They utilize social media to reach out to their audiences and peg down their specific tastes and interests. The magazine partnered with Gainesville Fashion Week to embody the notion of growth in a head-to-toe makeover and the search for a fresh-faced cover model.
“Fashion is art,” Miller said. “Gainesville Fashion Week has brought that to this tiny town and that’s something we want to get behind and see it grow.”
Six models from GFW’s ranks were chosen to compete for the cover of Gainesville Today’s “Green” April issue. Donning every shade from emerald to olive, our models worked their magic for the cameras.
“The most important thing about a cover model is versatility,” she said. “Someone is going to pick up the magazine based on the cover. If the model looks good, that’s one thing, but what really matters is their ability to connect with that person walking by.”
On the night of our art show, we are proud to announce the winner of the contest is two-time GFW model, Misha Luchau.

This post was originally published on April 4, 2014.

Rachel Smith