GFWX Call-backs

By Davio Rodriguez / Photo by Tamara Dobry 

The GFWX team was aflame with activity during model callbacks this past Wednesday. Nearly fifty models took to the judges’ table in hopes of joining the 10th season of Gainesville Fashion Week. “It was surprising because I had no idea what they were looking for,” said participant Theo Harris, 25, about his callback, “It was a lot more unnerving. . . I think I did alright.” Upon arrival, callback models were given numbers and waited for their turn to walk-- some passed the time idly chatting with other participants, others by fidgeting with their outfits and checking their phones. One by one the participants approached the judges booth and showed off two cycles of their best runway walk. Composed of GFWX’s four teams, the judges looked for models with the best look, stride, and character. Overall, 20 participants will be selected-- 5 males, 5 females fro each of the four teams. While an environment of competitive spirit was expected-- the most unanticipated result of the callback was everyone’s excitement to contribute. “I was a bit nervous because I don’t have much experience walking down a runway,” noted participant Leah Holder, 18, “but everyone was welcoming and genuine.” Encouragement and compassion was an environment steadily cultivated by neutral7’s Gainesville Fashion Week team-- and every participant, accepted or not, left with something to remember.

Albert Coronel