GFWX Casting Call

By: Mackenzie Patel / Photo By: Evin Ershock

The pulsing music, pinkish lights, and ribbons of measurement tape are a dead giveaway: it’s casting call season. GFWX opened their doors this Saturday, a stream of the fierce and confident strutting across wooden floors. With potential models from Cuba and Miami, the international mix brought an exciting atmosphere to downtown Gainesville. Parul Sanjiv, a leadership intern for GFWX, weighed in on what makes a model ~stand out~ amongst all the other shiny, conditioned heads. “It’s all about confidence and the way the models carry themselves. That and the quality of their dress style are the keys to discovering a great model.” Think you’ve got that badass flare? Come out to our casting call makeup on Monday, March 20th at Neutral7.