UF PAM Fashion Show

By: Davio Rodriguez / Photography By: Tamara Dobry

The GFWX team was excited to show support at last Friday's Pride Awareness Fashion Show. “We are so proud of GFW season 7th model Misha Lüchau for crafting such an amazing show. The looks were cohesive and well curated,” said GFWX Producer Albey Coronel. The show’s many talented models demanded everyone's attention with their clothing and confidence. One model kept calm and indifferent, like the crowd was hidden from her-- or if she wasn't aware of their presence. Each model carried a different style, shape, and personality. Although different, they all shared the same stage. At one point, two paired models with contrasting looks walked together. A sense of community between models and audience could be felt. Because of this, the show successfully displayed the heart of Pride Awareness.

“My experience with the models was amazing,” said director Misha Lüchau, “They're all so loving with each other and brave about wearing their identities with pride. I teared up backstage during the last collection, where the models chose their own looks.”

“On behalf of all the GFW Family, congratulations to everyone involved in such a great show,” said Albey Coronel, “We can't wait to see what everyone does next.”

Albert Coronel