Conjuring Spring A GFW Editorial for Spring 2014

Creative Direction and Photography: Ashley Autumn Crane
Model: Ashley
Stylist: Ching Ya
Hair: Nicole Collazo
Jewelry Designed by Bobby Foxx
Text and Makeup: Niko Pifferetti

Inspired by the legendary witches said to have snatched the sea-winds and sold them to sailors in ports like North Florida’s Cedar Key, Conjuring Spring suggests less occult ways of turning winter into spring. Style, rather than sorcery, could be the most potent magic of all. Instead of ensnaring the spirits of sea and sky, carefully curated outfits and purposeful beauty can spin the wheel of the year forward for any woman of style.
Whimsical black fabrics and winter fur kiss romantic florals to fuse Spring and Fall trends. Enchanting accessories designed by Gainesville artist, Bobby Foxx, invoke the sinister past season with rust, lace, crystal, and bone. Fresh-faced skin and transparent flashes of aubergine and coral in the makeup cite both Fall’s gothic grit and Spring’s clean delicacy. Salt-spritzed hair strung through with feathers look back at Fall’s earthy emphasis while still saluting Spring’s simple sophistication.