Thank you, Bento Group!

The locally owned restaurant group has helped GFW grow

By Leslie Wheeler

Lai said she was influenced to become a sponsor of GFW because she has always appreciated the organization.

“Gainesville Fashion Week has been growing at the same time as Bento Group has, so it just kind of seemed natural to join forces,” explained Samantha Lai, district manager of the Bento Group. “As GFW expands and gets bigger and bigger every year, they need someone that can kind of keep up with that, and I feel like we’re a perfect match.”

Lai also has a lot of friends and even former and current Bento Group employees who work with GFW who she loves to support. She said it’s really cool to see someone outside of work in another area that they are truly passionate about. Many of her employees are designers and Models in GFW this year.

When working with sponsors, the only thing we love more than their support is being able to help them benefit from GFW as well, and for Lai, she got more from sponsoring GFW than she expected. She said there has been a lot of exposure for Bento Group from connecting with GFW: many people learned that it’s not a coincidence that Simons’ interior resembles Mochi’s so much.

“It helps that GFW models, designers and team members can spread the word,” Lai said, excited about the connecting between Bento Group and GFW.