Trendy Entertainment: Turning Ideas into Business

Augi Lye of Trendy Entertainment talks about sponsoring GFW

By Shannon Sapourn

Video games have been a popular pastime for people of all ages since the 1970s, and with Gainesville’s own local game-making business, Trendy Entertainment, you don’t need to look far for new games to indulge in.

“Video games are fun,” Augi Lye, co-founder and current chairman of Trendy, said when asked why he wanted to start Trendy.

According to Lye, the company experienced tremendous growth since the launch of Trendy’s first game, Dungeon Defenders, in 2010.

“We’ve doubled in size and we’re at 120 people now,” he said.

Lye said the company is always inspired by “shooting for the stars” with their work. Trendy is excited about the 2014 year: they will be releasing new games, but Lye said he wants to keep the names of the games and the release dates a secret. Trendy’s relationship with Gainesville Fashion Week has always been a positive experience, Lye said. The company has a few employees who worked for GFW in the past and have good relations with our fashion week correspondents.

“It’s all about supporting your employees,” he said.

Trendy is currently working on creating online multi-platform games. The game Dungeon Defenders presently operates on the iOS, Android, Windows, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 platforms, so the company would like to expand their games to other mediums.

“(My favorite part) is meeting really talented and brilliant people because I love interacting and working with inspiring individuals,” he said.

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