Francine Elizabeth: Fashion Designer, Jewelry Maker and Student

Not even 21, Francine Elizabeth has showed her collections at GFW since she was 18.

By Alyssa Fisher

Francine Elizabeth has a lot to celebrate this weekend.
Not only will she be debuting her fourth collection for Gainesville Fashion Week, but also she will be turning 21 years old Sunday. Born in Gainesville, the young designer first watched her collection walk the runway in Gainesville Fashion Week when she was 18. Now she is a student at Santa Fe, bouncing between pursuing a career in pharmacy or fashion and jewelry design.
“I think it will be either jewelry or fashion,” she laughed. “I think pharmacy is off the table.”
You can say it was meant to be. Francine has been designing jewelry since she was 5 and clothing since she was 7. She loved sewing, weaving and knitting.
“I had a lot of hobbies as a kid,” she said.
Francine took a few classes and learned from neighbors, but she is mostly self-taught. She began working on her first line at age 17, and has been debuting new ones during fashion week every year since. Each collection is a reflection of her sleek aesthetic and appeals to young women in their early 20s. Francine designs for the girl who is “in control, edgy and focused.” We can expect an “extremely detail-oriented” collection with nice fabrics, according to Francine. She’s presenting an 18-piece collection, 15 of which have been made in the eight weeks since she agreed to participate in GFW. 
“There’s one top that is made with 100 percent beads,” she said. “It took a month to make.”
She laughed, admitting she’s excited for the stress to be over. She loves the whirlwind of fashion week and watching her garments float down the runway, but after all the work she poured into this collection, she’s ready for some celebration.