The Models: Gainesville Fashion Week 2014

Our Models Aren't In the Making, Our Models Are Made

by Michaela Bisienere
Sundays in Gainesville have lately meant torrential rain and pajama parties indoors—but not for the GFW team. The 2014 Model Photo Shoot was in full swing by noon in spite of the grey and gloom. Sponsored by, Enclave Apartments proved to be the perfect location to keep us dry and ready for our close-up.
For some of the new models, it was the first time that they had had to pose in front of a camera – not to mention a room full of our team eager to watch the magic happen.
Model Ashley Young, however, felt like a seasoned veteran compared to a couple of weeks prior.
“At the first casting call, I was literally trembling,” Young said. “I couldn’t even believe that they called me back. Now that they’ve picked me, it’s a lot easier to feel and look confident.”
Young said she had always wanted to try modeling in the past but had been too nervous to pursue it. Now, Young can’t imagine not having taken the leap.
“I’ve had so much fun,” Young said. “I’ve already met a few girls that I’m really happy I’ve met, and I probably never would have otherwise. I think we’re all kind of on the same page.”
Our DJ from G-nys Entertainment kept the mood light and playful with all of the beats that we haven’t been able to get out of our head lately, and catering from Bento Café and Hiro Asian Sandwich Bistro fueled a full afternoon of camera flashes and hair flips. We all channeled our very best wind-blown, carefree model vibe (with a little help from a hair dryer and some strategic fanning).
Director of photography Ashley Crane said she envisioned an organic look for the photo shoot, with soft, blown-out light reminiscent of old Polaroid pictures.
Crane said this shoot was one of the first opportunities for her photo team to take the reins and play a more prominent role in the outcome of the shoot.
“I really wanted to start delegating more,” Crane said. “This year’s theme is ‘inspiring growth’, and growth only happens when you let your ego go and let people collaborate.”
The mood of the shoot reflected Crane’s words, with everyone coming together to eat, dance, catch up and combine forces to create the perfect look and feel for the model photos.  Thanks to all of our wonderful sponsors for this event, we couldn’t have pulled it off without everyone involved!
We're so thankful to have these wonderful people as our models this season:

Nodira Abdukhamitova
Catie Agro
Analeis Ban
Lindsey Buz
Nikki Degance
Beatrice Dupuy
Stephanie Howery
Brittany Heuser
Shir Ibgui
Rachel Kellerman
Ellen Leung
Misha Luchau
Kristina Orlando
Tori Petry
Sarah Parmenter
Alyssa Pivniouk
Appiffany Ricks
Victoria Sanchez
Elyse Simek
Jennifer Staples
Daniela Suyos
Kemi Thomas
Deonna Webb
Ashley Young
Annie Yin
Derick Adams
Ryan Allison
Gyorgy Baan
Jeremiah Corley
Cody Capobianco
Steven Denaro
Sean Deeb
Christian Gonzalez
Theron Gray
Mario Grace
Karlos Gum
Donavaun Horne
Jamel Hoskins
Kamryn Johnson
Kameron Kicklighter
Ryan Kratt
Jon Shea
Prakash Sundar
Austin Watkins
Raj Wilhoit
Hakeem White