Committed to the Community

The company helps you find a place to live and a lifestyle to go with it.

By Niko Pifferetti

Finding an apartment in Gainesville can be a daunting task, especially when new properties seem to spring up every day. Not only do you wonder about price, square footage and convenience, but you wonder about the quality of management and life. can answer all of those questions for you at the same time.The website allows you to explore communities that range in affordability, style, and location, but no matter which property you choose, you can be sure customer service is their number one priority.
“We don’t advertise properties, we advertise communities. These communities offer more than apartments, they offer lifestyles. These are places we want to live, or in my case, where I currently live!” said Laura Vince, marketing manager.
Far from being just an apartment hunting website, strives to showcase the Gainesville lifestyle. As the arts scene has grown in the city, and as more and more startup companies take root all around town, has kept pace by introducing a blog that features people, places and events in the community.  
“Incorporating a blog onto our website helped us become a lifestyle website, and not just another apartment website, and it shows that we are focused locally,” Vince said.
By collaborating with Gainesville Fashion Week 2014 for the second time, ApartmentsInGainesville.Com further shows its commitment to the local community, and sets itself apart as a local apartment listing service that cares about the cultural life of its residents.
“We support a lot of other local businesses and charities like Dance Marathon and Light the Night. By supporting Gainesville Fashion Week, we wanted to give back to something that is directly related to Gainesville and integrate the city’s culture with our properties.”
Host to our summer swimwear show, our model photo shoot and our pool party this past Sunday, has helped GFW grow this season. Without their support and commitment, none of our events would have been possible, and we are deeply indebted to their investment in our community.
Thank you,!