From GFW to NYFW: Two Alumnae Stick Together in the City

Edited by Niko Pifferetti

Living in New York and now two-time veterans of NYFW, Hayley and Nadine  are living the dream. Find out what it's like.

Hayley McIntosh - Director of Social Media for GFW 2013 - Social Media Intern for GFW 2012
I am currently working as a sample assistant for Tory Burch in New York City.
I arrive at the Flatiron office at 9 a.m. and make myself a hazelnut cappuccino before checking my e-mail. Throughout a typical day as a sample assistant I will receive the pre-market and post-market samples used throughout the company. Each sample must be tagged—which will allow us to track its movement within and outside of the office—and photographed. We also receive ad samples, which are the samples our PR, marketing, wholesale and web teams use. In addition to receiving samples, we are constantly sending previous seasons’ samples out to our warehouse for storage.
Surprisingly, my department is quite calm during fashion week. Much of the hard work and running around happens in the weeks leading up to market and fashion week, but once that all starts we get a break until samples begin arriving for the next season. The only day during fashion week that will be somewhat busy is the day of the show. We have to receive the samples that walk as soon as the show wraps and ensure that every sample that left the office is returned.
Working for a fashion company, much like working for GFW, allows you to see the entire creative process from pre-market to post-market to the store shelf. I absolutely loved working with Gainesville Fashion Week because I enjoy being involved in the creative process.
GFW has a knack for bringing quirky people who have an obsession with art, fashion and music together, and it’s hard not to fall in love with each and every single one of them. I truly found a best friend in Nadine and I owe our entire relationship to GFW. From interning together, to being co-directors together, to packing up our entire lives and moving to New York together, we have experienced a lot.
Before I joined GFW, and even after I graduated, I was set to work in the advertising industry. The only fashion experience I had had was working as a retail sales associate at both J.Crew and Wolfgang Gainesville. Working with the GFW team for two seasons got me thinking that fashion might actually be a career path I would enjoy. So, generally speaking, I would say GFW as a whole helped me to figure out my career goals and encouraged me to give fashion a shot.
I’ve found that fashion is not easy and in no way is it as glamorous as you imagine it to be. You’ll start at the bottom and be tasked with lots of small projects that pile up, but it’s completely worth it. Show that you care to listen and learn and the right people will take notice.
Nadine Korioth - Director of Media for GFW 2013 - Media Intern for GFW 2012
I currently work as the assistant to Jaqui Lividini, CEO & Founder of Lividini & Co.* My job is very multi-faceted in that it ranges from doing personal to professional tasks for Jaqui. But quite honestly, the best part about it is getting to see how somebody like her operates on a day-to-day basis. I've been working for Jaqui for six months now, but it still blows my mind — the things that she does and the people she knows.
There is no typical day! Although I do have some pretty routine tasks, something or other always pops up. Generally it involves me running around Manhattan so it's been really helpful in teaching me the ins and outs of the city. 
Right now we're in the middle of fashion week madness. We just did a runway show for Josie Natori's Fall 2014 collection and we helped organize a party for Vince IPO at The Standard Hotel. While it can be exhausting, it's also exhilarating. A while back someone said to me that working in fashion is not just a job, you must accept it as a lifestyle. I think that's the best way to describe it. Be passionate and work your ass off. Fashion is competitive, so you have to show people you'll work harder than anyone else.
Connections are so important to have and if they blossom into friendships, it's even better: Having friends who work in fashion is ideal because they understand the industry and what it entails. I'm lucky enough that I worked with Hayley at GFW for two years and we happened to move to New York at the same time.
Being involved in GFW gives you that opportunity to meet people who want the same things you want; and being involved for more than one year shows growth. If you love fashion, what better way to enjoy it than by surrounding yourself with people who love it as much as you?
*Editor's Note: Lividini & Co was recently featured in the trade publication Women's Wear Daily!