1oz Project by Mikho:

1 oz by Mikho's collection YehaNoha is designed for the modern man who’s in touch with his inner animal.

By Roberta Fiorito and Niko Pifferetti

Gainesville Fashion Week’s very own Albey Coronel is reviving his fashion brand, the 1oz project, for GFW 2014. A collaboration with Miguel Blanco of Mikho, they will premier a collection of men’s swimwear at the runway show Saturday. Called “YehaNoha,” or “sacred spirit” in the Navajo language, the collection promises an avant-garde reinterpretation of Native American mythology. Featuring 12 looks corresponding to the 12 sacred spirit animals, YehaNoha is designed for the modern man who’s in touch with his inner animal.

The collection evokes Coronel’s youth in his native Los Angeles. Influenced by the sun, shopping and subcultures of LA, the city is Coronel’s perennial muse. The 1oz project has paid homage to LA in its various reinventions. In 2011, for example, the collection celebrated cliché chola glam, captured authentically by models wearing black lip-liner and pencil-thin brows. Coronel’s fashion design grew out of his natural talent for graphic design, a talent on which he has built a career and business. Founder and CEO of neutral 7 design group, Coronel manages to create his clothing in his spare time (that is, when he is not producing Gainesville Fashion Week). He introduced the 1oz project at GFW 2009.
Blanco is another veteran GFW talent. He showed his swimwear line, Mikho Karajito, at GFW 2010, and his Mikho label headlined GFW 2011 and 2012. Friends and colleagues, Coronel and Blanco have never collaborated on a collection before, making YehaNoha an historic event for Gainesville Fashion Week. We are SO unbelievably excited to see what the two designers and creators have in store for us this Saturday, April 5. See you there!

Update! Photos from the show:

Rachel Smith