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Collaboration and creativity are everywhere in Gainesville. Innovative technology, entrepreneurial talent and a sense of shared commitment to this city's growth put Gainesville on the cutting edge of the contemporary. Diverse and inclusive identities, rich personal histories and an internationally relevant perception of the zeitgeist position our city for its global grand entrance. For six years, Gainesville Fashion Week has both celebrated our city's homegrown talent and welcomed other talent from across the country. Refusing to be either exclusively local or exclusively global, GFW helps show the world what our city can offer, and it puts our own brilliant women and men on the road to national and international visibility. 

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April 04, 2014

Gainesville Today: Chronicling the Community for 35 Years

The GFW 2014 Art Show is Made Possible by Gainesville Today

By Rachel Godfrey
April 05, 2014

1oz Project by Mikho:

1 oz by Mikho's collection YehaNoha is designed for the modern man who’s in touch with his inner animal.

By Roberta Fiorito and Niko Pifferetti
April 05, 2014

Xiaolin: Gothic Redux

Combining elements of untamed nature with sleek sophistication, Xiaolin aims to create garments of enchantment and allure.

By Niko Pifferetti
April 05, 2014

HOME: Living in the Heart of Florida Magazine


Associate publisher Megan DeGance talks giving back and looking forward

by Michaela Bisienere
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Christian Gonzalez